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【Name】:9BH-800 wood shaving machine

【Application Fields】wood shavings can be used to make particle board, the raw materials of the wood pulp paper in paper making factory; fragile’s filling materials in transporting company, making bed for animals such as the pig, the cow, the sheep. Also can be used as the bio-energy .
Product Description

9BH-800 wood shaving machine


9BH series wood shaving machine manufactured by Hongyun factory is mainly used to cut the wood into uniform shavings.

Wood shaving machine includes rack, platform fixed on the rack, the knife rest fixed on the platform, the raw materials put into the inlet,

and the shavings are produced through the knives, with even size and thickness.

The materials can be log, the tree branch and plate edges and other wood materials...


Shavings produced by 9BH-800 wood shaving machine are used as bedding at chicken farming,cow,sheep farming,

and horse breeding sectors,also can be used in the wood pulp paper in papermaking factory; fragile’s filling materials in transporting company and  bioenergy .

[Main parameters]

Machine namewood shaving machine
Model 9BH-800
Electrical motor30kw ( 380v,50Hz,3Phase,can be customized)
Feeding inlet size
Blade number8pieces
Blade length200mm

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