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【Name】:Supply shisha charcoal making machine

【Application Fields】Shisha charcoal, fuel for electric power, boiler ,restaurant ,etc
Product Description

The shisha charcoal machine is new developed charcoal powder shaping machine. It can make different shape briquette such as Round,triangle,six rhombus,square,plum flower form,and all kinds of hookah charcoal,finger charcoal,gifts carbon ,carbon rod etc. Just by changing the grinding head easily.

The hydraulic type shisha charcoal making machine has many advantages:

1. Big output. It has 12 outlets, while screw type machine has 2 outlet at most.

2.It has no wearing during production because it does not produce heat. There is no wearing part.

The extrusion bin and forming mould are made of wear-resistant steel and can be used for 2 years. 

The screw type machine working temperature is high at work and increase wearing. And the screw has to be maintained frequently.

3. It has big output and low energy consumption. It can save energy more than 50% than screw type machine. 

4. It has good shaping effect with smooth surface and high density. While screw machine produce bent briquette.

5. It can realize automatic and continuous production, greatly saving labor. While screw machine need manual feeding, picking and cutting, with high labor cost.

Charcoal sample